Burton Bumgarner · Playwright

Published Plays by Burton Bumgarner

Full Length Comedies

Alice in Wonderland -- Urban Edition  
All’s Well in Rosewell   
Beowulf: User Friendly  
The Canterbury Tales  
Cats, Cooks and Chaos  
The Dormitory  
Grandest Canyon  
Grits and Gravy  
Horatio Will Be Late  
The Idi-Odyssey  
Khrushchev and Me  
A Midsummer Night's Texas-Size Nightmare  
Mini Loa Luau  
Pride and Prejudice: the Movie  
The Princess and the Pauper  
Swamp Romp  
The Thing from Under the North Pole  
West Wing Follies  

Full Length Dramas

All Hallows Eve  
A Time to Heal  

One Act Comedies

110th Street Station  
‘65 Mustang  
Annoying Angels  
The Blind Spot  
The Devil and Danielle Webster  
Don’t Say Macbeth!  
Fine Dining  
Frump Tales  
High School Yearbroke  
Hurry Up and Wait!   
I Can’t Go Out There!  
The Lady or the Tiger?  
The Model Millionaire  
Money Merry-Go-Round  
The Mouse and the Storyteller  
Office Zone  
Personals and Proposals  
The Ransom of Red Chief  
Romeo, Juliet and Toto Too!   
The Schartz-Metterklume Method  
The Sidelines  
Time In / Time Out  

One Act Dramas

A Jury of Her Peers  
Final Exam  
The Hand  
The Keys  
The Most Dangerous Game  
The Neckless  
The Star Child  
The Three Strangers  

Seasonal Comedies

The Christmas Café  
Christmas Every Day  
Christmas Pageant Present  
Christmas Pirates of the Bermuda Triangle  
The Picture of Christmas  

As Andrew Ross

Hotel Escargot
Much Ado About Coconuts 
No Place Like Nowhere
North Woods Nonsense
Nonsense in the North Woods (Musical with Bill Francoeur)
Paranormal High School
Swamp Pirate Zombies


The Wondrous Gift

Unpublished Works

Fast Food Shakespeare
Grand Forks Detour
No Body Like Jimmy
Waiters on the Run

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